A close collaboration with our local growers

From the time the Santa Margarita brand was founded in 1995, Satori has worked in close collaboration with local growers in the countries it imports from. We share the same passion as our growers: growing honest and fair, high quality produce under the Santa Margarita brand name.

Worldwide we only select the best growers and the best fields to grow our produce. By building good relationships based on trust and honesty, we can guarantee optimal availability combined with the excellent quality of our produce. 

Directly from the field 

Right from the beginning ‘directly from the field’ has had a particular significance for Satori. We regularly visit our growers and are closely involved in the development of their local regions. Satori ensures that fair prices are paid, and if required, makes the necessary investments to help our growers professionalise. Satori enters into these joint developments with its growers for the long-term. As well as importing from Latin America, we also source our produce from the USA, Africa and various Asian countries.

To become a supplier of Satori

Are you a grower or exporter and enthusiastic about supplying your produce to Satori? We would like to contact you.

Please send us an e-mail or call one of our employees.